Our Team

Michael J Marino Jr

As the COO of Construction for MJM Associates Construction LLC, Michael Marino is responsible for the overall success of all construction operations. Michael’s expertise derives from over forty years of construction, project management, property development and design consultation.

Michael’s many years of experience have helped in developing a sixth sense for foreseeing any field condition issues before they occur. Schedules and the fundamental execution of them are Michael’s top priority for meeting all base building and tenant delivery dates.

Michael is the founder of MJM. Over the years, MJM has developed into one of the leading players in New York City commercial and residential building classes. Working to establish a continued high-end product, Michael understands that working hand in hand with his design team consultants remains of paramount importance to establish a product that both is aesthetically and monetarily successful.

As a developer, Mr. Marino has carried over his past experiences to ensure that MJM’S development process is as efficient as possible. Michael recognizes the challenges that builders face on a daily basis and aims to provide successful solutions as needed with his team and a reliable network of subcontractors to create a value-add environment.

Although Michael’s main focus is construction, he finds the time to generously contribute to his community. His contributions include donations and organizing fundraising events. One of his main charities is The Danielle Antar Foundation.

Michael Marino III

Michael J Marino III is one of the managing partners of MJM ASSOCIATES CONSTRUCTION LLC. For over fifteen years, Michael has developed numerous projects specializing in high-end retail, office, and residential properties.

Mr. Marino believes in practicing a hands-on mentality in every aspect of the development process. Whether the project is in the acquisition, design, or construction phase, he has faith that working hand-in-hand with all parties involved in a project limits exposure to mistakes and expands the
opportunity for success. Anchored by this viewpoint, Michael’s main responsibility within MJM is to oversee all aspects of construction with his father. This process involves supervision of project management, scheduling, sub-contractor buyouts, budget reviews and TCO and final CO signoffs.

At the heart of Michael’s business viewpoint is the need to create a family atmosphere for his employees. As a second-generation builder in the greater New York area, he understands that when you create an environment that nurtures relationships, the results not only establish worker confidence and growth, but also provide a better end product. Each project holds unique challenges that require a team, rather than an individual to solve. At MJM, Michael prides himself on making the company operate to highest collective potential.

Michael attended NYU School of Construction graduating with a degree specializing in estimating, drafting and project management. Mr. Marino has held a NYC DOB Construction license for over a decade and has holds multiple site safety certifications.