MJM Associates | 46-50, 52-58, 60-74 Gansevoort
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46-50, 52-58, 60-74 Gansevoort

About This Project

Location: Manhattan- Meatpacking

Project Type: Commercial Retail

Architect: BKSK Architect

Sq. Footage: 113,00 Sq. Ft

Status: Work In Progress


MJM is taking over the Meatpacking with this impressive development that encompasses an entire block of the neighborhood, just next door to our other project on 9-19 9th Ave. Still in pre-construction phases,this very high-profile project has received a lot of attention within the community due to its historic nature, requiring MJM to closely coordinate with the LPC (Landmarks Preservation Committee),developers, and architects. This project will actually comprise 3 separate buildings, keeping each separate for its own use, adding to each individually. While the final scope of work is not 100% nailed-down, this project is expected to incorporate a mix of high-end retail, restaurant and hotel space, while all maintaining the historic façade of each building.